​Interior signs

Interior signs are the signs in supermarkets or big retail establishments pointing the customers to the various departments. They are also used by large institutions or government offices, to mark the location of various rooms. Signage is a very important accessory in finding ones way around and has various purposes. The main purpose if interior signage is directing customers to places the business owners want them to go. It also creates high brand awareness, and etches the company logo into the minds of the customers, while at the same time, is not perceive of as aggressive advertising since the customer sees it as a necessary accessory for the business. Interior signage is also used in law firms, banks, large insurance companies, multi-store malls, restrooms, movie theatres and so on.

How much does it cost?

Interior signage should be budgeted in the business’s signage budget. These signs can be made from a variety of materials. At Geva Signs, we can make this signage for you out of Plexiglas or brass, from glass, aluminum or stainless steel. The price varies according to the technology used to make the signs, which can be etched or cast, polished, burnished or printed. Every technique is priced differently and is executed by specialized tradesmen.

Is there such a thing as to many interior signs?

Yes. It’s important not to overload your business with signs. Sometimes less is more and too many can confuse the customer or the visitor to your large firm. At Geva, we can advise you in advance on how many signs you should have. As part of our customer support, we come to the offices before the employees and customers arrive and go from room to room and walk through every corridor and restroom area to see how many signs are necessary, where they should be placed and what materials and techniques should be used. Our customers have learned to consult with us because of our vast professional experience. Excess signage can cause customers to hesitate and not return to your place of business or firm because of a sense of confusion and disorientation.

Geva for all your signage needs

Geva Signs has a wealth of experience in the signage industry. We produce interior signage, wayfinding and safety signage, signage for large businesses and illuminated and non-illuminated signs from a diverse variety of materials. We work with architectural blueprints, with advisors from the fields of electricity, construction and infrastructures, and nothing goes unnoticed by us. Our customers find our commitment to the quality of the projects, the soundness and safety of the signs, a very important part of our service, and therefore see us as real partners and consult with us in regard to the contents of the signs and anything else that could contribute to their business. We are proud of our many years of experience and of the good and worthwhile service we provide.