Billboards and giant signs

Management and Execution of Signage Projects

Billboards and giant signs

Geva Management and execution of signage projects provides advanced and innovative solutions for all the signage needs of its customers, including billboards. The company offers a comprehensive range of services to customers interested in signage for businesses all over the country, along with professional advice that helps tailor the type of billboard to the unique needs of customers.

Our customers find with us under one roof all the necessary services, including the design of huge signs, the selection of raw materials, the production of the signs themselves and finally, their installation and placement in place.

The company also specializes in the design and manufacture of 3D letter signs, neon signsoffice signs and more. The variety of types of signs offered by our company, Geva Management and Execution of Signage Projects, allows you to choose:

  • They are the material from which the billboard will be made, such as Plexiglas, PVC, aluminum, brass or stainless steel.
  • And both the billboard style that best suits your brand and specific needs.

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What are the uses of giant signs?

Huge signage is supposed to help a business thrive and succeed. Signage is one of the most useful tools available to a business, and it can be used for several purposes, such as:

  • Provide information – billboards that provide customers with guidance and enable them to get to the business easily and efficiently.
  • Sell ​​- Huge signs on buildings can draw the attention of the store’s customers to the promotions offered in the store.
  • Educate – Business signage can teach and explain the value of the product or service that the business offers to customers.

The key is to find the perfect balance between these types of signs

What are the salient benefits of billboards?

Even when we live in the digital age, delicate print media is relevant and useful, especially when it comes to giant signs on bridges and buildings, because these offer the business exposure at an economical price, and increasing brand recognition.

  • Exposure at an economical price

One of the important benefits of giant billboards is the ability to expose the brand while saving on price. Even if it seems to us that large format printing involves a significant expense, it is still an investment worth the cost. First of all, this type of media is not something that you will need to replace often, as it is usually a long-term installation.

  • Increasing brand recognition

Huge signs, such as signs on buildings, are mainly focused on increasing the brand’s identification. Thanks to the signage, the business is exposed to a large number of potential customers who come across your business name. Billboards are a great strategy because it attracts people to stop and peek inside. This kind of curiosity can help you turn passersby into customers in the most efficient way. This is actually one of the major benefits of giant outdoor advertising.

  • Passing the test of time

Large format billboards are meant to last a long time. Most of the materials used to create the signage are water resistant and the high quality of the prints prevents fading of the colors exposed to direct sunlight. As a result there is no need to replace the billboard regularly.

  • Promoting online / offline interaction

One of the most interesting benefits of giant signage is its ability to promote brand-customer interaction, whether online or offline. A simple strategy like adding a social media profile to the sign, can greatly help promote the business.

There is no doubt that huge billboards offer business owners many benefits, such as: increasing the exposure and identification of the business, meeting the test of time and promoting interaction, online or not, between the business and the customers.

What is important to know before manufacturing and installing billboards?

You must be aware that the engineering, construction and materials used to manufacture billboards in general and illuminated billboards in particular, can significantly affect the quality of the sign, its durability and safety.

for example:

  • Billboards made of aluminum foil will be lighter, more durable and cheaper than a heavier metal panel.
  • Billboards coated with protective material, can protect the sign from moisture and sun damage.

Therefore, before production and installation it is important to find out all the physical conditions that the billboard will have to meet to ensure a stable, durable and safe sign.

Why is it important to contact a company that specializes in the production and installation of giant signs?

When you are considering investing in billboards, the most important decision that will affect your return on investment is the company that will carry out the work.

We at Geva Management and Execution of Signage Projects, offer you

  • A stable company with customers who can be contacted and get opinions.
  • A company that allows you to see examples of billboards from the past or present.
  • A long-standing company that has gained a great deal of experience and reputation in the field of billboards.

Our company has proof of many years of success, and we will be happy to adapt, manufacture and install your giant signs as well.


What do billboards consist of?

Each billboard that is not attached to the wall, usually consists of three main components:

  • A frame that holds the bulletin board
  • The bulletin board itself
  • Electrical mechanisms that illuminate the remote

Most billboards are supported by tall steel columns that hold the large frame. To support this frame, long-lasting steel columns are used, relying on stainless steel to support the frame and billboard.

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