Glass signs

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Glass signs

Glass signs are used for conveying various kinds of messages; for displaying images; as wayfinding signs; as recognition plaques and donor plaques.

Glass signs are designed to create a clean, prestigious and sophisticated image. Since glass is a highly versatile material, with a diversity of colors, possible finishes, kinds of engraving, degrees and types of transparency and various thicknesses, a broad spectrum of designs and end results are attainable. Additional techniques such as glass cutting, etching, sandblasting and polishing allow glass signs endless design options. Hence, glass is an outstanding way of presenting the companies brand. Glass signage can be found in more and more company lobbies, in airport reception areas, in elevators and as wayfinding signs in hallways and entryways. Glass signs blend in well with just about every type of interior design and color. We at Geva Signs guarantee that our signage will exceed your expectations both in regard to quality and in regard to delivery time. We believe that a sign which is not made properly can damage a business and we understand the importance of deadlines and the value of meeting the schedule and will always have your sign made by the defined and promised date. We invest a great deal of effort throughout the project, from the conceptual stage, to design to the delivery of the final product.

Geva – Signage Project Management specializes in the production and installation of all type of glass signage using various and diverse manufacturing technologies including glass signs with letter decals on the back or on the front and back-etched glass signs.


Not all glass signs were created equal. Every business is unique and should have tailor fit custom made signs, because when the signage is original it leaves a lasting and professional impression. Opaque glass signs and engraved glass signs can only be purchased custom made.

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