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​Cut Out Letters

Geva – Signage Project Management provides solutions for cut out letters in a variety of cutting methods and materials, among others, polyurethane foam, foamed PVC sheet, Plexiglas, aluminum and stainless steel, brass, copper and wood.

The letters can be a sign in themselves or part of a logo and the cutting method is chosen according to the size of the letter and the thickness and kind of material.

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Cut out letters – what are they?

One of the most popular forms of signage is individual letter signage, also known as cut out letters. The name is self-explanatory since the signs are made up of individually cut out letters, usually mounted separately on a wall or on the background and not as one big sign. A cut out letter sign is one of the most impressive forms of signage and therefore is exceedingly popular as interior signage in offices and as exterior signage on buildings, in addition, it has hardly any size and graphic design restrictions.

Cut out letters – cost vs benefit

The manufacturing price of cut out letters is determined by the kind of letter, the size and the material they are made from. In relation to other signs, cut out letter signs are not expensive, and sometimes, are even cheaper than other signs of comparable size, since they are relatively easy to manufacture, because each letter is cut out separately, and their maintenance is also usually cheaper than that of other comparable signs, since one or more letters can be repaired without compromising the general structure of the sign.

Cut out letters – existing types

There are various kinds of cut out letters – solid cut out letters, cut out letters made from various materials such as PVC, stainless steel, aluminum, Plexiglas etc. These letters are usually cut by CNC, laser cutting, water cutting, etc., (hence, for course, their name). These letters are cut out according to the required graphic design, the kind of font and even symbols and logos. Based on the general desired look, the letters can be cut at various thicknesses according to the budget and material. Cut letter signage can be mounted directly on the wall or at a slight distance by using hidden studs connected to the back of the letters.

Cut out letters – past present and future

Over recent years cut out letters have developed at a dizzying pace in keeping with the rate of available cutting technologies. Not to many years ago, cut out letters were cut with manual, hand-held saws or band saws, which compromised the accuracy of the letters and severely restricted the fonts used. Over the years, various cutting machines made their way into the industry, such as CNC cutting, laser cutting, water cutting etc. All these are computerized machines, which make it possible to cut out far more complex letters with a much higher level of precision.

Geva – Signage Project Management has executed thousands of cut out letter signs and our experience will save you both time and money. Our graphic designers are very experienced in designing individual letter signage and will be able to turn your thoughts and desires into a design, and from there, the way to your perfect sign is very short.

Our motto: quality and professionalism.

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