​Interior Signage

Management and Execution of Signage Projects

Interior signage – what is that?

Interior signage is one of the many types of available signage. Also known as wayfinding signage, and sometimes called modular signage, interior signage, as indicated by its name, is installed inside buildings or offices and usually functions as wayfinding signage used to direct and route the public, customers and service recipients to their destination within a complex of buildings, the building itself or between a number of offices. Interior signing can be complemented by external wayfinding signage, which can start directing the public from outside the building and even from the street, to the required building, floor and room.

Interior signage – cost vs benefit

Interior signage comes in various shapes and sizes, and the cost is determined by the purpose of the signage. For example – the size of the sign is influenced by the distance it serves and the target audience. The font size changes according to various standards – accessibility standards for the visibly impaired, emergency exit route safety standards, and numerous other standards related to the signage purpose.

Interior signage – existing types

Interior signs come in various shapes and sizes, can be free standing or mounted on walls and can be made of individual, three dimensional letters cut out of various materials such as PVC, stainless steel, Plexiglas, etc. Interior signs can be custom made according to a unique and particular design, including various kinds of modular signs, the most common of which is curved aluminum. They can also be illuminated if the business hours and the exposure needs call for it.

Geva has thousands of completed interior signage orders under its belt, graphic designers to help you design the signs, a manufacturing department, which provides quality and properly fabricated signs, quick and professional installation department, capable of handling even hundreds of signs simultaneously, and no less important – quick and reliable customer service for any problem which may arise throughout the life of the sign or the building it was installed in.

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