Hotel signage

Management and Execution of Signage Projects

Hotel signage

Geva Management and execution of projects in signage specializes in planning, manufacturing and installing signs for hotels, guest houses and leisure and accommodation complexes with accommodation and accommodation solutions. The company has many customers in the hotel industry in Israel, and it cooperates with construction companies and architects who specialize in the planning and construction of hotels. The company offers signage solutions for high quality hotels and a variety of unique and stunning designs, in perfect accordance with the requirements of the client or the architects.


Indoor and outdoor signage in hotels

The hotel helps hotel chains and managers create a rich visual language by means of indoor and outdoor signs, an external sign designed to strengthen the brand and the image of the hotel, and to guide the efficient and comfortable vacationing of the guests. The sign must be installed in front of the hotel, usually designed and manufactured illuminated signs, so that vacationers can navigate their way conveniently to the hotel in the evening and dark.

In addition, it is important to install modular signs inside the hotel to help guests navigate their spaces in the building spaces, for example locating the dining room, pool, protected space, lobby, spa area and of course finding rooms. In addition, the hotel signs are designed to help vacationers find the elevators, the comfort rooms, the stairwells and the exit to the garden, the parking lot and so on.

The hotel’s interior signage is designed to reinforce and glorify the brand, convey marketing messages and improve the structure and interior design. In addition, it is customary to install signs on the doors of the rooms and on each floor, for the purpose of directing and locating the guest rooms, elevators and emergency exits. Keep in mind that the signs are also designed for safety and warning purposes, such as locating the protected space in the hotel when necessary or marking escape routes during a fire.

Advanced Custom Solutions

Geva is a leading company in planning and manufacturing signs for hotels. The company has many customers in the field, rich experience, innovative production methods and advanced solutions, quality and safety. Among other things, the company provides signage for hotels with internal lighting, elegant and prestigious glass signs with possibilities for cost effective lighting, Tel Dimim cards with or without lighting and more. In addition, the company offers signs that reflect or reflect light, in accordance with safety regulations and Home Front Command instructions and fire extinguishing forces.


Innovative and advanced sign design

It is worth noting that hotels are required to install signs and safety, and beyond that they must design effective signage throughout the building to ensure the comfort of the vacationers and to maintain order in place. The company’s team advises hotels and architects and assists them in planning signage solutions in accordance with the brand’s characteristics, the target audience to stay at the hotel, and in accordance with the customer’s specific regulations and requirements.

The company designs and produces the signs from the finest and finest raw materials, and offers spectacular and original designs that help the guest experience for the vacationers.

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