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Channel Letters

Geva – Signage Project Management specializes in fabricating and supplying channel letters, also known as three dimensional letters, from a variety of materials such as Plexiglas, aluminum, PVC and various other material according to the customer’s requirements.

Channel letters can be produced with or without lighting, and when letters need to be illuminated LED lighting is usually used. The lighting is affixed to the back of the letter or housed internally in the letter’s channel, following the letter’s contour.

Front-lit letters are illuminated with LED lighting housed inside the letter’s channel. In halo-lit letters, the LED is affixed to the back of the letter, backlighting the wall or the background the letters are mounted on.

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What are channel letters?

Channel letters are one of the many types of available signage. They are named after the channel created in their backs by their very structure. Each of the letters is mounted individually and they are not installed as a single sign. They are the most commonly used form of signage, both because they leave a lasting impression, and because the fact that they are three dimensional makes them possible to install at nearly any location.

Channel letters – cost vs benefit

Channel letter signs are not expensive; their price is based on the type and size of letters and the materials they are made from; in some cases, not only do channel letters cost less than ordinary signs of the same size, they cost less to maintain, because they are made and installed separately and therefore, each channel letter can be fixed separately without damaging the rest of the sign.

Channel letters – existing types

There are various kinds of three dimensional letters, some are solid – cut out of various materials such as PVC, stainless steel, aluminum, Plexiglas etc. However, three dimensional letters are usually fabricated by building the sides of the letter according to the letter’s contour, and connecting them to the front or the back as necessary (thus creating the channel the letters are named after in the space created by the outside walls of the contour, at the back or front of the letter). The letters can be illuminated or not, according to the customer’s needs, desired exposure and opening hours.

Illuminated channel letters – past present and future

Over recent years illuminated channel letters have developed at a dizzying rate, in keeping with the available technologies. Not very many years ago, illuminated letters where lit with fluorescent or PL bulbs, which are also fluorescent bulbs. Over the years, a transition was made to Neon lighting (cold cathode). This lighting consumed vast amounts of electricity. The progress of technology did not skip the signage industry in general and channel letters in particular, and LED lighting became the normal form of lighting. LED lighting in channel letters is now very widespread, since it is energy efficient, durable and allows a great deal of flexibility in the fabrication of the letters.

At Geva Signage Project Management, we fabricate channel letters with a great deal of care, placing an emphasis on their quality. We install the letter sign with a long-lasting, quality installation, and of course make sure that all the letters are installed in straight, parallel lines.

Quality fabrication, quality installation is our motto. Signs are us!!

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